1973, Tammi

Mari is a powerful ballade about a young Gipsy woman and of the Roma, wandering in the Finnish countryside in Northern-Savo region. Placed around the mid-21st century, Mari is a story about the ways and lifestyle of the wandering Gypsies. The novel cuts into women and their position inside the tribe.
“Baltzar represents those few courageous Finnish male authors, who have dared to depict the soul of a woman. The novel itself keeps in romanticism: robbing of bride, family feuds and fierce love. The question itself is topical, and Baltzar knows how to keep in the present day."

Turun Sanomat 26/5/73

“The novel is bold, revealing and on many parts, harrowing. Its message can be broadened to a general call on behalf of a woman, as an attempt to help woman in the position that the rule of men have led her. As a member of the tribe I consider Baltzar's work as meritious depiction of our nation.”

Viljo Koivisto, Romano Boodos 6/73

“Veijo Baltzar deserves a big thank you forputting his soul into the role of a Gipsy woman. He must have discussed this over with some intelligent woman? Perhaps it has been his mother? Thank you for her as well.”

Pšivi Karjalainen, Kotimaa 6/6/73