Other activities of
Veijo Baltzar

During five decades, Veijo Baltzar has written novels, poems, theatre and radio plays, short stories, articles, librettos as well as TV and movie manuscripts. Baltzar's TV-manuscript Punainen puutarha, The Red Garden won the first prize in The Golden Harp- competition in Dublin 1980.

He has founded and managed the first and only professional Roma theatre in the Nordic countries, directed majority of his plays and taught at Theatre Academy Helsinki in 1980s and 1990s.

Veijo Baltzar is also a poet. Baltzar’s poems have been composed to songs by Toni Edelmann, Jere Laukkanen, Kiureli Sammallahti and Mikko Karhula, and recorded by Veera Telenius, Pauliina Pohjanheimo and Rumba-Tre.

Veijo Baltzar has done visual arts since the late 1960’s. His works were presented at the exhibition for young artists in Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki in 1970. Since then Baltzar has had numerous exhibitions in different parts of Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic.

Recently Baltzar has been active also as a performing artist and soloist of his newly-founded orchestra Ludvig XIV.