Sin 2015-2016

Premiere 20.4.2016, Alexander Theatre

Do you have courage to love and expose your feelings? For Integration Theatre Baltzar it is obvious. We have the courage to love, to live and experience emotions! However, we want to warn You – either you will love or hate, we do not give you any other options!Veijo Baltzar’s cabaret musical “Sin” was a satirical- narcissistic parody of Carmen, placed in the 1950s city milieu. The play is full of passionate love and hunger for life – values that are considered sinful in today’s society. The play challenges to ponder upon the values of romanticism and emotional intelligence.

The singers and actors of the musical, accompanied by international orchestra, took their audience to the journey of dreams in to the Finnish soul scape of 1950s in the spirit of mesmerizing and charming naivism. The 16 performers of Integration Theatre Baltzar carry you to the Dance Halls of the old Finnish schlagers to experience a dramatic love triangle.

“Sin” represented a political message and a stand from the silenced part of the nation, for whom spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing represent the highest form of quality of life. The lack of emotional intelligence is an increasing problem especially in Finland. The system is not able to tackle the real societal challenges – loneliness, marginalization and increasing indisposition.

Script, direction: Veijo Baltzar

Leading roles: Veijo Baltzar, Lilian Luo, Lia Goresh

Other roles: Samia Abdullahi, Marjana Andreeva, Aino Bertell, Nina Castén, Lia Goresh,Tuulia Heiskanen, Milla Kaitalahti, Oona-Emilia Latva-Hoppala, Elsa Marjanen,Molly Nybondas, Aino Sederholm, Peppina Sillasto, Elsa Simonen, Elina Öster

Music: Alexandr Dmitriev (piano), Ilkka Ferm (saxofon),Carl-Johan Häggman (percussion instruments)

Choreography: Aino Sederholm

Light and sound: Eetu Kinnunen

PERFORMANCES: 20.4, 22.4, 28.4 ja 29.4 - ALEXANDER THEATRE