The Crystal Ball of
Black Sarah

Children's book 1978, Tammi

Black Sarah is a two-hundred-year old Gypsy who travels the world with a horse named Hump and a magpie named Tsirikli. Sarah makes her living by telling fortunes.

Really the Hump the horse is Sarah's husband Jalmari and Tsirikli the magpie her granddaughter. Long time ago Sarah had to conjure her loved ones to animals when she tried to save the trio from the false accusations and captivity. Black Sarah was accused of using evil magic but Sarah uses only good magic.

One day two children appear to Sarah's caravan. Siblings Taina and Timo are first scared but after a while they become friends with Sarah. Together they get in to an adventure trying to find four virtues. Expedition consists from the siblings, the magpie, the horse and three magical words.

They meet Swampman and Foglady and end up in the strange islands and to quagmires. When the lonely lord of the castle can learn to forgive, the fifth virtue can break the spell. Tsirikli becomes a girl and Hump the horse becomes a man again. The last magical word brings the children back to Sarah who is eternally grateful for the siblings.