The Black Scourge 1981-1982. Script and direction: Veijo Baltzar

Veijo Baltzar established his first Theatre group, Theatre Baltzar, in 1976 in Mikkeli city. The group performed poetic plays scripted and directed by Baltzar in Mikkeli (Mikkeli Theatre) and Helsinki (Lillan Theatre and others).

The work of Theatre Baltzar had created a vision and an understanding that Roma need professional training in Theatre Arts. Thus, Baltzar started working on a concept of realizing a professional Roma theatre course at Theatre Academy Helsinki, which became to reality in 1981.

Performed as a diploma work of the 9-month course, the play The Black Scourge was a sensation. The first and only professional Roma Theatre Drom (=road) in Nordic countries was born.

The Cranes of Hunger 1982. Script and direction: Veijo Baltzar

A course of Roma theatre launched at the Theatre Academy evolved into a professional theatrical company, which took a course different from entertainment and created a personal point of view for the Roma people. The Finnish Theatre Centre awarded Drom with highly respected Theatre Act of the Year prize in 1981. The theatre performed successfully both in Finland and abroad for 15 years.

In the 1990s, Veijo Baltzar directed his plays in various parts of Finland. His play The Paradise of the Gods made with Kuopio Student Theatre was awarded with the prize of the Arts Council of the Province of Kuopio. The mythological Folk Opera Orli, realized in Imatra City 1994-1997 evolved into a folk movement, ending up to be performed at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki in 1997 with presence of Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen and President of Finland Tarja Halonen.

Folk Opera "Orli" 1995-1997. Script and direction: Veijo Baltzar

“The individual is the most important aspect in Drom Theatre’s plays. Each actor lives the things that happen, and does not necessarily act them. All superficiality has been discarded from the form of expression. Even in dance, the steps and choreography are not the most important things, but the inner core of the individual, the actor, from which the dance arises”

Veijo Baltzar 1982

Integration Theatre Baltzar

Sin musical 2015-2016. Scrip and direction: Veijo Baltzar

Integration Theatre Baltzar, established and led by Veijo Baltzar has permanently functioned in the premises of a historical Alexander theatre in the heart of Helsinki since 2013. Theatre produces new productions annually and offers education of theatre and musical expression for young people.

Arts and culture must encounter and respond to European cultural diversity. Integration Theatre Baltzar is in this respect a Finnish and international forerunner. The Theatre’s mission is to develop, support and to bring forth the hidden potential of multicultural talent. Integration Theatre Baltzar’s activity is based on the methodology of Intercultural Experiential Education developed by Veijo Baltzar. The core of the methodology is intercultural emotional intelligence.

Integration Theatre Baltzar's latest productions are musical plays Sin 2015-2016 and With the Seven-String Guitar 2013-2014.

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