With the Seven-String Guitar 2014

Premiere 19 Mar 2014, Alexander Theatre

The Gypsy cabaret With the Seven String Guitar is a narcissistic parody set in the bowling alley of life. It was modern-day depictive episode of multiculturalism in which the characters engaged in a dialogue in a Europe of citizens speaking on behalf of beauty in opposition to ugliness. The cabaret broke down the boundaries of cultures and challenged audiences to consider their attitudes to art, man and the present way of life. It was also an indication of the power of a multicultural group to create something new, beautiful and significant. The participants were mostly young students in creative fields.

Script, direction: Veijo Baltzar

Actors: Nina Castén, Veijo Baltzar, Charlotta Heinonen, Viola Honkonen-Nieminen, Anna Ladar, Anu Luoma, Alma-Ruut Karjalainen, Jenni Kauranen, Elina Pekkanen,Anna-Elina Rahikainen, Kari Saarinen, Karoliina Ruohonen, Sandra Aubynn and Aino Sederholm

Music composition: Kiureli Sammallahti, Toni Edelmann and trad.

Music: Kiureli Sammallahti (accordeon), Ramon Maronier (flamenco guitar), Sami Rönkä (percussions)

Choreography: Aino Sederholm

Set design: Aino Sederholm

Sound and light design: Janne Teivainen